Thursday, September 20, 2007


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Many upon many Americans who are concerned about the prevailing media bias toward the far left wing of the "American" Democratic party have contacted us via e-mail, telephone, and rotoscope begging to have PLN broadcast in their area.

Our standard response is:


We at Prime Legitimate News have little to no power over the hundreds of activist cable providers who refuse to give their hard working subscribers access to even and honest news coverage 24 hours a day.

On a medical level it makes us sick to our cores to see such disregard for objective reporting. This is why we are asking you our viewers to contact your local cable providers, congress personel, and city council members DEMANDING that they make room for the most even and honest news channel ever to hit the airwaves.

Think about being able to tune in and get the unvarnished truth any time, all the time. All the time!

Offer them a sample of our fantastic programming like the segment from our top rated debate show "Facklery & Dean" available on Myspace or at:
"F & D" airs every weeknight at 8pm only on PLN!

Demand prime legitimacy in your news, today!


We deliver the news, you sign for it!

- The Prime Legitimate News Team

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