Thursday, September 20, 2007


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Not Since Diana...

Not since the death of Princess Diana has our beloved planet lost such an important and well loved symbol of rags to riches Cinderellaism. Anna Nicole Smith has passed leaving a bevy of mourning loved ones showering her memory with respect, and quietly contemplating the life of a legend. We at PLN would like to take this opportunity to inform our viewers that we will put all other "issues" on the back burner to bring you up to date information on this pressing story.

As America mourns this loss so young, we will hold the country's hand for the next two weeks of around the clock coverage. We'll have live interviews with all of the prospective father's of Anna Nicole's child, chats with some of her former stripper friends, and daily cry-outs with celebrity stylist Bobby Trendy. PLN's own Rita Von Struessel will be camped out live in front of the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas talking to people who may know something about this possible crime.

We at PLN refuse to pander to the mainstream media which continues to cover depressing stories about the war, global warming, and our unprotected borders, as this all too sudden tragedy tears apart the fabric with which our country is sewn.

In order to heal our wounds, PLN is in negotiation with Prince Frederick for EXCLUSIVE interview rights, and we promise no stone will go unturned in the search for Anna Nicole's killer.

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