Thursday, September 20, 2007


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Enough Already!

Scandal. The mainstream media can't seem to get enough. Why not? Scandal makes ratings, sells copy, and rakes in mazoolah. Many say the media's grub-like tendency to wallow in dirt leads them to add the word "gate" to whatever the Bush administration does, says, or gestures. Attorney General Gonzales scandal? Gonzales-gate. Male prostitute in White House Pres Corps? Gannon-gate. E-mail-gate, Plame-gate, Cheneyshotaguy-gate, Katrina-gate, MCRove-Gate. Gate gate gate gate-gate...GATE!

The court jesters in the media don't have Nixon to kick around anymore, but they can't help but use Bush Jr in order to burn tricky Dick in effigy.

"Here's what this whole scandal-mania is all about, really." observes political strategist Dick Morris. "The left couldn't go after Reagan because of his flawless Presidency, Clinton was one of their own, so along comes W, Rove, and Cheney. The liberal sect of the media must have seen this as an unleashed Nixonian Cerberus prime to be spade, de-spirited, and made to wear a tiny knit puppy-sweater. It's a classic Pavlovian relationship. The media tells the people that President Bush is the reason for all their problems, the dogs believe it, and start salivating. Just like Pavlov salivated when his dog rang that bell."

Analysts point to how the media jumped all over Karl Rove for deleting a couple of spam e-mails from private White House accounts. "The media treated it as if Karl Rove has shredded Monica's "splorched" blue dress, after having licked off the stains," states media analyst Greg Baxter of the United Media Front. Senate Democrats have compared the missing White House e-mails to the famous Nixon White House Tapes. However, most are saying that the missing e-mails are more along the lines of Regan's jellybeans than Nixon's tapes in actual pound for pound scandal value.

With Nixon you have tapes, break-ins, and obvious criminal activity. It was all out in the open and all cleverly orchestrated by Democratic operative John Dean. The main difference between now and then is that the media now really needs to go searching through the White House trash in order to find even a single shred of a scandal. They then take that tiny piece of out of context misinformation, and fill in the blanks with their biased imaginations. It's how 95% of the news is made, today.

The flaming left will even go so far as to trample the Bush Administration's civil liberties in order to drum up their looney case for impeachment. They've gone after Karl Rove's former associate, prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald, as if like some sick ex-girlfriend Fitzgerald kept all of Karl Rove's e-mails from a previous slander operation/investigation. Fitzgerald wisely refused to comment on the Democrats nosing about his personal e-mails. Hopefully, he's deleted them as any good friend would do.

What's amazing to most analysts that the same political party that is wrist deep inside the American Civil Liberties Union would so savagely throw their Russian-style values out the window when given the opportunity to take down a prime, legitimate Presidential administration.

Many believe the real trick the Democrats have pulled off is the fact that they've made it so the Bush Administration can't be open with the public about anything. When you consider that the Administration CANNOT COMMENT ON ON-GOING INVESTIGATIONS you'll understand what happens when the Democrats investigate everything the Republicans do. White House spokesperson Dana Perino points it out perfectly, "I'd love to be able to lay everything out on the table, but as you know we can't comment on on-going investigations."

All I asked her was where the bathroom is.

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