Thursday, September 20, 2007


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Ready, Set, Hitler!

Unpredictable and dangerous Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has taken one final political step before officially becoming the next Adolph Hitler. In an unprecedented move the Venezuelan "Congress", made up of mostly shamans, witch doctors, and tribal chiefs appointed by Chavez, has given approval to allow Chavez to rule with an iron-spiked fist of global oppression for the next 7 years to the rest of his life. It's up to the free world to decide which will come first.

Chavez, who undemocratically wrestled power away from Constitutionally appointed President Pedro Carmona in 2002, claims the lifting of his term limits received, "majority approval." Oppressed members of the opposition predict the reforms will allow Chavez to emulate his heroes like Pinochet, Castro, and Genghis Khan.

Most Venezuelans, hungry for Democracy and freedom, mourn the latest actions by the Chavez government. One desperate street roaming vagrant screamed out, "With these new policies the true leader of Venezuela may never take his rightful place as President of our impoverished country! Long live Carmona!!"

Carmona, who replaced Chavez as President until some of the more cocaine-crazed members of Chavez's military restored their narco-terrorist leader back to power, was the author of the revolutionary "Carmona Decree". The Carmona Decree, had it been enacted, would have permanently rid the Western Hemisphere of Soros-funded, socialist dictators bent on attacking America.

The winds of change are truly blowing through the streets of Venezuela as the people begin organizing marches against the Chavez government, demanding Carmona's return to power. Public perception of Chavez turned sour when he used his rapidly expanding Presidential power to shut down an innocent TV news station whose only crime was standing up for democracy in a post 9-11 world.

PLN tyranny expert Ted Christie points out the obvious saying, "Imagine if America had a strong arm socialist like Al Gore as President and he shut down PLN. He just walks right into the Prime Legitimate News building and pulls the plug. All 28 stories go dark. Americans would riot in the m**her fu*king streets."

One of the few shirt-wearing members of the Venezuelan assembly, Ismael Garcia, argued that all political points of view must be represented in Venezuela. No word yet on whether Garcia will receive a stadium execution.

For the Venezuelan people there is only quiet hope. The most optimistic rumors place Carmona living amongst Venezuelan exiles in Miami, but as everyone suffering under Chavez's sadistic repression knows, he could very well be withering away in one of Venezuela's many state-run death camps.

No matter where he is, on the streets of Venezuela you can be sure of one thing. If you're very quiet you can hear the people's hearts crying out into the night, "Carmona."

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