Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Tuesday, November 18, 2008



On Thursday, November 6th President-elect Barack Obama met privately with U.S. Intelligence officials at the FBI headquarters in Chicago. There Obama received his first Presidential Daily Brief written by the CIA, including critical overnight intelligence that President-elect Obama will use to build his defence strategy.

Also discussed at the meeting was the fact that any moment the President could be "dealt with" by representatives higher interests if he should deviate from the agendas of the CIA, FBI, NSA, FCC, and a host of other U.S. and non-U.S. governing bodies, some known, some unknown.

Obama was then given a slide show presentation of various foreign and domestic leaders who felt it their duty to serve public interest over the needs of the rapidly emerging "New World Order". Leaders like Jacobo Arbenz of Guatemala, Salvador Allende of Chile, and a handful of Kennedys.

Obama has been sworn to secrecy so as not to reveal the content of this private meeting, however PLN's exclusive source for this story noted that Obama seemed the most surprised when he learned that John Hinkley was a hand picked, brainwashed CIA/MK ULTRA assassin sent in to keep Ronald Regan "on message."

After the slide show Obama was dosed severely with Lysergic Acid Dyethylamide, placed into an isolation tank, and reprogrammed with an entirely new outlook on the origins of life and the directions in which it is headed.

A trembling spokesperson for the Obama transition team could only say, "It was a very...enlightening meeting."

Wednesday, November 12, 2008



Seeing the immense popularity of RED socialist ideology in today's hip hop political culture California's Former Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has decided to give California the far left viking funeral it's always wanted. By raising Ca's sales tax a full one and one entire half a percent he's sure to finish off what Brian Davis Jones of the CA Institute for Neutral Policy Research Center thinks Grey Davis started, "plunging the state headlong into psychotic & fiscal failure & insolvency."

The crackdown on prosperity will pump up the sales tax on amusement park admission, sporting events, golf, furniture, vehicles, as well as certain forms of adult entertainment.

A spokes person for the Schwarzenegger administration compared the tax hike to, "injecting anabolic steroids directly into the economy's ass cheeks." The governor's office claims that the increase will only last for three years presumably for as long as Barack Obama's term is expected to last.

CA's 11.2 Billion dollar Grey Davis induced deficit has the governor asking "Who Can't We Tax"? B. Davis Jones thinks the governor should focus on massive spending cuts like:

- Doing away with public education

- Ending all unemployment benefits, creating more incentives to work

- No more drinking fountains

Not like the Governor is listening to good advice anymore(i.e.: End of Days), but if he doesn't want to go down like another Grey Davis then he'd better start.

Monday, November 10, 2008



Thousands upon thousands of gay homosexuals took to the streets in several violent protests against the final chapter in the saga of the legitimization of illegitimate marriages. On November 4th Values Voters in California, Arizona, and Florida all approved constitutional amendments in order to save the right of a man and a woman to marry. The amendments override activist State Supreme Court judges who literally bowed down to big gay interests.

The question as to weather or not there will be penalties for the all ready 18,000 or so same-sex marrieds since CA legalized gay marriage, and how severe those punishments should be, has yet to be asked.

West Hollywood, San Fransisco, and the Inland Empire aka "The 909" in California became ground zero as thousands blocked traffic and burned, among other things, candles at so called "vigils". Along with the protesters other flaming items included cars, trash cans, and American flags in effigy.


Before the election results were released.



Some activists are taking a page out of the Al Gore book of political chicanery by filing challenges in court in order to subvert democracy and Christian/Mormon values. Many of the irrational homosexuals are attacking the Mormon Church, an institution dedicated to the protection of normal marriage, by suggesting that some of their members should or should not choose to vote for pro-marriage initiatives as well as funneling approx. 20 million dollars across state lines to suggest that others do the same.

"Whatever argument they got is false," argues Values Voter Ron C. Franks of California, "God made man with a man-thing and woman with another things to put it into, not the other way around...or in the butt is what I'm saying. Gay marriage is a sin."

No fatalities have been reported as of yet, but if there are any you can be sure the liberal media will do their best to cover them up. Stay tuned to Prime Legitimate News as the bodies hit the floor.