Thursday, September 20, 2007


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A stunning shockwave of events has rocked the same legal system that set O.J. free. A decision has been reached by the 11 member "jury", in the case about whether or not Scooter Libby got events mixed up while trying to expose the lies of Joe Wilson. We at Prime Legitimate News have sketched out the dramatic unfolding of events in our own PLN "Wilson Trial Time Line":

2002 - Joe Wilson and his wife Valerie Plame concoct a harebrained scheme to subvert the Bush Administration's war plans by creating false intelligence regarding Iraq's proven uranium purchase from Nigeria.

2003 - Joe Wilson writes a huge article combining elements of both slander and treason in order to undercut the security of our country and the morale of our troops in harms way during wartime. The article was so riddled with misinformation that the only newspaper which agreed to print it was the New York Times.

2003 - Rumors that Wilson and Plame are operatives with the Democratic party begin to float about.

2003 - Cheney meets with Scooter Libby and Jeff Gannon in order to discuss the Wilson problem . They conclude that Plame and Wilson are part of a vast network of Liberals in both the media and Congress. They also discover that Plame had a summer job with the CIA doing work on Weapons of Mass Destruction(WMD). Plame's involvement with WMD helps to explain why no WMD were found in Iraq.

2003 - Moving swiftly to expose the truth Libby, Dick Armitage, Cheney, and Karl Rove meet and greet with members of the mainstream media including: Robert Novak, Matt Cooper, Judy Miller, Jeff Gannon, Bob Woodward, and definitely Tim Russert in order to spread the word about the Wilson's treasonous behavior.

2003 - The Bush administration falls into Plame's trap as it is revealed she was a "undercover" agent with the CIA, a claim that has yet to be proven although it explains how she got secret clearance in order to help Saddam hide his WMD.

2003 - Just as the Wilsons had planned, Plame's name was printed in the mainstream media along with the information about her stint undercover.

2003-2007 - The predictable media onslaughter begins with certain outlets actually accusing the Bush Administration of "outing an undercover agent," a minor infraction like "drinking in public."

2003/2005 - Special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald, whom many call "the Al Bundy of law" starts a solid investigation of the matter, even throwing a few members of the media behind bars for not cracking their lids. (Note: This is where the tables turn.)

2005 - Imprisoned reporters set Fitzgerald's sights on the Bush Administration possibly tempting him with a future supreme court position.

2005 - Rove, Cheney, Gannon, Bush, Novak, Armitage, and Ari Fleischer are all pre-convicted in the media as having something to do with a "leak".

2005 - After several meetings with Fitzgerald all primary players are cleared of all wrong doing except Libby who had trouble articulating certain details of the tangled plot.

2005 - Rumors of Wilson's bias are confirmed as it is brought to light that he voted for none other than former swift boat veteran John Kerry.

2007 - After all is said and done the fall guy for the Wilsons turned out to be I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby who was 4/5 convicted of "not getting the facts straight".

Confused? So was the jury which is ground enough to declare that mistrial PLN predicted last week. The fate of I. Lewis Scooter Libby is now in the hands of the judge, a Regan appointee, unless of course Libby takes Fitzgerald's offer to co-operate and send the Wilson's to prison.

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