Thursday, September 20, 2007


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This sort of thing happens all the time and it often sweeps up members of the highest echelon of society. Gay cops, prowling for man-sex in public places, accidentally hit on a prominent law-abiding member of society thereby setting off a chain reaction that alters legitimate lives in rather unfortunate ways. The pervert cops panic when confronted by a well respected law maker. Not wanting to be caught and fired for hitting on strange men, they orchestrate an elaborate plot to turn the tables on the very person they've all ready victimized. Confusing? That's just how these criminal police officers want it to seem.

It all happened like this: Idaho Senator Larry Craig was in the airport making his daily check on National Security in a post 9-11 world when he suddenly needed to take a sit-down piss. When Craig entered the random airport bathroom he saw this cop with a HUGE mustache staring at him from an adjacent stall as though he were one of those "types". Craig chose the stall next to the shifty character in order to monitor his actions. They were, after all, inside an airport in a post 9-11 world.

As Congressman Craig began to feel watched by the perpetrator he became nervous thereby increasing the width of his stance which is the scientifically proven instinctual behavior of all primates in peril. The gay cop then tried to turn an innocent man's right to personal space into a game of "footsie". This is when Senator Craig lost control. He knew he either had to bolt fast, or risk fatally subduing this airport pervert with a judo throw into the bathroom mirrors.

The disgraced officer in the stall next to him panicked when confronted by Craig's swift resolve. Feeling trapped he decided to turn the tables and scare Craig, who was ready to throw down, by showing him his police officer business card.

"These guys thought, 'Holy crap, this man's a senator. He'll bust us for sure. Let's make it look like we're arresting him!'" observes PLN crime psychologist Philip Rice.

The officer put up an amazingly professional front calling the situation an "undercover investigation" when confronted with Craig's true identity of a crime fighting lawmaker, which Craig revealed in pitch perfect Dirty Harry fashion as he took out one of his own congressional business cards and said through gritted teeth, "What do you think about that?"

Rice explains, "This cop tried to say, 'Look, I'm a cop too. Don't get me in trouble.' When he saw that Senator Craig wasn't going to take no guff, that's when the real trouble began."

At first Craig tried to let the crooked cops off the hook stating that the whole thing was just a, "he said/he said misunderstanding." When the officers attempted to make a criminal out of Craig, he stopped being Mr. Nice Guy. In a fit of rage Senator Craig accidentally pled guilty to "lewd conduct" which he explained stating, "When I said 'guilty', I thought we were talking about those cops. They were in it to get me one way or another from the second I entered that bathroom. Everybody knows that."

Everybody who's not inundated by the slanderous liberal media might know the truth, but if you were to take their story word for word you'd think that Senator Craig had donkey-punched 8 blind boy-scouts in a burning shack. All experts agree that the liberals saw Larry Craig as a top Presidential contender in 2012, as well as a possible Vice Presidential nominee if Mitt Romney were to win the Republican nomination for President in 2008. He needed to be brought down, and slander was the only way they could do it. Many see this as a possible set up by Hillary Clinton's covert "Secret Police" as revenge for Senator Craig's scathing indictment of sex fiend Bill Clinton's White House miscumduct.

Senator Craig might have to put his future political prospects on hold for the time being so he can, aside from spending more time with his family, bring down the renegade homosexual fringe of law enforcement so hell bent on misusing their powers and American tax dollars to spread the Gay Agenda.

The guilty officers also managed to extort $575 from Craig in the form of so called "fines" and "fees". Craig will also be put under a year long probation which many have called "legalized stalking". Legal analysts are saying, "These sado-fascist cops can basically call up Craig anytime they want to "check" on him. They've basically made a sex slave of this man for 365 days. If he wasn't gay before..."


Anonymous said...

What a crock of shit, you really expect intelligent people to fall for the crap you call reporting? GET REAL. AND WHILE YOU'RE AT IT, GET A FUCKING LIFE.

Anonymous said...

Take it easy. This is clearly a joke!

Kitty said...

Thanks for writing this.

Anonymous said...


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