Thursday, September 20, 2007


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Democrats Find Truth Offensive

Nowadays everybody's getting into trouble for saying something or other that offends a far left fringe-tank, smear group, or college basketball team. Add legitimate Presidential candidate John McCain to the list of celebrities who have been dunk-tanked by the liberal media for letting the straight talk express do the bull-horning. McCain came under fire for putting his foreign policy into song with his solid rendition of "Bomb Iran" which he sang to the tune of perennial Beach Boys classic "Barbara Ann" at a pep rally. Some who share the enemy's viewpoint claim the song was "offensive" and/or "distasteful."

Funny they should think so now when you consider that singing foreign policy based classics has been McCain's thing for months. Many recall his other hits: "Let's Destroy Venezuela" a classy spin on "La Bamba", McCain's smooth Elvis-inspired "Heartbreak Habib" about the necessity of Gitmo, and his rare version of the Beatles "Shake It Up, Baby" wherein he calls for the "flattening of East Timor".

Political analysts agree that these songs show evidence of a prime sense of humor and that such silly banter is par for the course. McCain rightfully told anyone questioning his style to "Lighten up,"and "get a life."

All campaign experts understand that the bottom line is this: "What happens on the campaign trail stays on the campaign trial." That holds true wether it's a joke, insult, promise, or otherwise. As spokesperson for the Giuliani campaign J. Carchio puts it, "All that stuff is just stuff politicians say to get elected. That's it. It's all just stuff. It don't mean nothin'. I mean, come on, right?"

He should know. McCain isn't the only one taking it on the chin for expressing free speech in a time of war. Presidential hopeful Rudolph "Rudy" Giuliani was the recipient of a full frontal media bukkake for his even and honest assessment of the catastrophic chain of events sure to unravel if the Democrats maintain their stranglehold on American power when he observed, "America will be safer with a Republican President."

All Giuliani seems to be saying is that if the American people vote into power the party with a vaginal foreign policy then there are bound to be massive terrorist reprisals leaving millions dead. Mothers, children, puppies, and even a few endangered species will be off'd in a hurry however that's still not enough to spur the liberals into action.

See the pattern? The Republicans prop up a candidate who is 100% certain to win the Presidency in 08, and the media takes their orders and destroys said candidate. It's all part of the smear campaign set fourth by the Soros funded leftist junta to ruin the credibility of the mayor who was single handedly there on 9-11. Carchio thinks the most recent character assassinations are, "All about the democrats being jealous because they can't fight terror, or even find a decent human being to run for President."

"To fight an effective war on terror you need to remind the American people how much danger they're constantly in," says electoral guru Dick Morris. "The American people are in terrific danger even with Republicans in office. Think of the metal-storm that will reign down if the Democrats, who can't stop running away from the enemy, win in '08. Everyday would be 9-11."

Que America's mayor...or should we say President*.

* Unless McCain wins.

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