Thursday, September 20, 2007


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Scrappy Soldiers Create Make Shift Hospital!

A heart warming expose by the New York post tells the story of a rag-tag group of go-getter wounded US soldiers who have banded together in order to convert a rickety old, rat infested, structurally unsound hotel into a fully functional, full service care and treatment facility for soldiers returning from the War on Terror.

One senior federal health inspector expressed amazement at the limitless power of human imagination asking, "Who would have thought to care for sick people in an environment like this? It's...extraordinary."

The atmosphere at the ol' Walt Reed Building is one of teamwork all the way. As one soldier puts it, "We've got soldiers tending to soldiers. The resources we need...they're just not here." Some left-wing detractors complained about the soldier's treatment facility saying that it's "shameful" and "the ultimate disrespect to the troops".

When asked to respond, the White House spokesman first said, "No comment". Then retracted the no comment by adding; "I don't know why the liberals are making this an issue. Our soldiers are used to these sorts of living conditions. Iraq has rats too you know. This is just another example of Democrats not believing in our troops' resolve...If anyone can handle this, it should be the world's bravest."

But, like a scene out of "Patch Adams", in which a hilarious doctor treats patients out of the kindness of his own heart, the troops keep hope alive. Hope that all you need to run a veteran's medical center is an abandoned building, some cots, and a dream.

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