Thursday, September 20, 2007


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Big Business Gives Back!
In order to compensate the people of the Indian village of Platimada for having extracted one million liters of it's ground water to use in local bottling plants, the Coca-Cola Company plans on offering the villagers a free one-year supply of delicious Dasani, the twice filtered water with minerals added for taste. The deal will also include a free one month trial supply of the new Coca Cola Blak- an effervescent coffee infused cola beverage which Coke officials say is, "sure to help the villagers keep their buzz on."

In spite of the bountiful offering some villagers have expressed dismay calling the offering "insufficient" and criticizing Coke for "taking away our water forever". Such instances of ingratitude make a clear case for ending positive relations with all middle Eastern countries permanently. If the civil war happy Iraqis can't sustain a democracy, the poppy sloppy Afghans let the Taliban back in, and these Indians don't know when America is being nice, can there be any hope for the region?

Coke gives the people of India jobs that were not available to them before and all they ask in return is for some land and the ground water underneath that land and surrounding areas. Just goes to show you that you can lead a horse to capitalism, but you can't make it drink.

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Olga said...

Wow you make coke sound like some sort of hero... How can bottle water make up for the exploitation of a people? For putting some sweatshop in another country? instead of having a bottling plant in the U.S.? Have you heard of what coca cola is doing in Colombia? go to to find out about murdered union workers in Colombia.