Sunday, April 13, 2008



Amateur film-maker Al Gore has embarked on a costly advertising campaign that will compare the popular myth of Global Warming to the dastardly regime of Adolph Hitler, the civil rights movement, and man landing on the moon. The Wall Street Journal(a subsidiary of PLN) reported that the multi-million dollar campaign is part of Gore's L. Ron Hubbard like quest to raise a "Green-Army" of at least ten million people world-wide. The marketing blitz will cost upwards of $300 Million dollars(most of which will be printed on paper, which used to be trees) and will include a multi-media onslaught of anti-human commercials set to scare the world's population into believing in a secular, non-biblical Armageddon.

The theme of the "We Didn't Wait" ad explores America's resolve to tackle the tough issues of Nazism, race relations, and space travel while prompting Gore's minions to "act" in order to stop what he calls "Man Made Global Warming." Gore has a virtual clown-car of left-wing scientists ready to back him up on his claims, however, we at PLN prefer to have an even and honest debate about the issues.

OUR scientists liken the myth of man-made Global Warming more to Manuel Noriega then to Adolph Hitler. Manuel Noriega the former military strongman dictator of Panama, like global warming, was an easily manageable while marginally threatening, temporary nuisance with direct ties to drug related criminals*. Noriega is more like a benign environmental trend such as El Nino, the occasional drought, or hurricane Katrina which come and go with no meaningful or lasting repercussions. Most experts agree that if you were to compare Hitler to a natural calamity it would most likely be massive asteroid impact and the total destruction of all life on Earth, leaving a slight possibility for regeneration.

Our team of scientifically based research associates, in their study published on various popular science websites and in publications on print as well as the internet and online have concluded that the jury is not only still out on weather global warming is man made, but they've basically been bribed and/or brainwashed by Al Gore and his Greenworld henchlings. The scientists who would return OUR calls compared Global Warming less to the civil rights act and moon landing, more to the creation of the WB and the first guy who did bottle rockets.

In other words: THERE IS NO CAUSE FOR ALARM! The United States government has a plan to solve all of the worlds energy, sweetener, and movie snack problems with precious corn-based everything, end of story.

Instead of "An Inconvenient Truth" the American people should perhaps be tuned into a different movie. One about an environmentally-crazed cult leader hell bent on raising an army of zombie-environmentalists. It's called Trancers 2. Like most films which which are leaps ahead of their time in exposing the corrupt underbelly of the environmentalist-left, Trancers 2 was swept under the rug. Perhaps with new light being shown on the true nature of Al Gore's master plan, Trancers 2 will at last get the theatrical release it so clearly deserves and needs.

* Al Gore's son was arrested for driving with illegal drugs, and his father has admited to sampling a variety of Schedule I substances.


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