Tuesday, October 2, 2007


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The bread is crisp, the cheese is melted. The pickles are thin, the mojo is flo-jo. Ham, pork, and the perfect layer of mustard. The Cuban style sandwich,The Cuban cigar, and Cuban U.S. run military prisons. Some things you just can't hate about Cuba. Then there's the Cuban health care system.

Ever since Michael Moore decided to take on the health insurance industry with his film "Sicko" liberals have been running around like a bunch of angry geese, snapping their beaks and hissing about their "plans" to nationalize America's unique pay to play health care system.

The plan which has received the most amount of attention, thanks to a liberal-run mainstream media with orders to ensure an easy victory for Hillary in '08, has been Sen. Clinton's. Her "Health Care" plan hark-ens back to the same plan she tried to force-feed the American people when she was first lady.

"Maybe if Hillary wasn't so busy trying to Leninize our children's health services," says Jim Forrester of the United Institute for Indivisible Policy Studies, "her husband might never have been impeached...if you know what I mean...blow-jobs."

According to Hillary's estimates, her health care plan will cost $110 Billion dollars per year!? Figures like this have E. Ted Grainer of the United Defense Subcontractors Association stunned to near blindness. "Look around the world in which we live today. You've got huge swatches of non-democratic countries all over the globe. Think of how much Democracy you could spread with $110 Billion dollars. She just wants to use it for band aids and crap?"

Unfortunately all health care experts are saying that Hillary comes across more like Nurse Ratched than Susan B. Anthony.

Clinton made her broken record record for repeated lies when she ironically proclaimed that her health care plan would not be government run, but would somehow extend health care giveaways to 47 million Americans who now CLAIM to be without health care.

Forrester points out, "This is clearly an extension of what she tried to do during her husband's wicked administration and failed to: a complete Chino-Cuban takeover of America's sacred free-market system."

A bullet-point run through of Clinton's plan reveals her true leanings:

- She demands that businesses force health insurance on their employees.

- She promised to raise taxes on the rich, essentially making their lives more unhealthy so that those who've chosen a less fortunate path can live out their luckless lives for that many more painful years or months, usually days.

- She coined a new phrase as the centerpiece of her campaign, "individual mandate" which is a leftist codeword for, "Gimme, gimme, gimme!"

Although Clinton emphatically catapults the assertion that her plan will not be Government-run, she makes no mention of WHO exactly WILL run the health care system she's envisioned. What Clinton fails to illustrate, PLN's own investigative reporter Fred Mendel has uncovered as something we're not going to believe.

"You're not going to BELIEVE this!" shouts Mendel. "Based on recently released secret documents, Hillary actually plans to funnel money for her so called health care plan through a front group run by the very same world-wide satanic lesbian cult that pulls her strings from behind closed doors: The Sisterhood."

This document was released to the public by the non-profit National Security Defense Archive in conjunction with the new book titled The Hillary File: A Declassified Dossier of Mendacity and Culpability. Here is the definitive proof, as written out on a bar napkin in Hillary's own handwriting:

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Note the sloppy wine stains.

Mendel points out the full litany of facts in his new hour-long special "You're STILL Not Going To Believe This!!" which will air tonight at 8pm, then repeated at 10pm and various times throughout the night ONLY on PLN.

Mendel will take us on a behind the scenes tour of the underground cult which claims it has, "as many members as their are women." Many experts have called "The Sisterhood" a real life version of "Skull and Bones", the cult which George W. Bush was never truly identified as a being a member of. Mendel will take us across the globe to places where "The Sisterhood" is gaining strength like:

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and South America:

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He'll even show us rare photos from Hillary's bizarre initiation ceremony:

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Mendel will explore the unique interlinking edicts that make up the Global Sisterhood Movement. "Each member of the Sisterhood believes in the destruction of capitalism, rule of women for women and only women, and they all share the desire to eliminate males of all genders through various subtle extermination tactics."

The special will surely point out that being a part of The Sisterhood is far more than simply mailing your "special pants" to girlfriends all across the globe, and far more dangerous.

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