Friday, October 5, 2007


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Due to recent events it has become clear to the international community that the ghost of rabid communist dictator Salvador Allende still wisps through the streets of Chile. An activist Chilean judge has ordered the arrest of the wife of former respected dignitary Augusto Pinochet, and his 5 children. Also caught up in the far-left dragnet were 17 other Pinochet associates. Pinochet's wife and children were taken by rebel-caravan to the local stadium where they will await questioning. There are rumors that Mrs. Pinochet was taken to a secret military dungeon.

The judges "case" stems from the claims of many supporters of disgraced President Salvador Allende who was subject to a successful regime change when Pinochet democratically wrestled power away from him on Sept. 11th, 1973. Those wishing to see Chile sink again into the putrid depths of an all out communist pit of never ending economic and moral abysmallity have cleverly suggested that the Pinochets and their associates allegedly illegally hid 27 million dollars of public funds in American Bank accounts.

Astute analysts believe that the 27 million dollars was a trap set in motion by Allende on his way out the door. Dirk Allen Rector of the International Monetary Disbursement Bureau explains, "Allende basically planted these bank accounts on Pinochet in order to get back at him for successfully bringing an end to Chile's long nightmare of the Allende Presidency."

Chileans can feel their fragile democracy slipping away more and more by the second. "This is the REAL national nightmare. These leftists will start with the Pinochets and soon they'll be rounding up innocent people and shooting them in the streets. We need to stop this now! We need to root out these subversives!" says innocent Chilean businessman Bolivio Palacios. "They're making up these stories! Why would Pinochet put his money in an American bank? Pinochet had nothing to do with America!"

Guerrilla judge Judge Carlos Cerda said he ordered the arrests because of "solid indications that they had participated in the misuse of fiscal funds," during Pinochet's 1973-90 presidency. The judge fails to mention the millions upon possible billions Allende stole from Chile in the form of his radical communist policies.

Allende apologist and current Chilean President Michelle Bachelet said, "No one in Chile is above the law." Most observers admit that this could be a coded directive to the radical left wing of the Chilean military to start rounding up ALL Chileans who disagree with Bachelet's hard-line tactics.

Many had compared Pinochet to Myanmar's famous jailed hero Aung San Suu Kyi before his death as a political prisoner in 2006. Director of the Policy Alliance Institute Greg Allan Randal explains, "Pinochet and Suu Kyi are both heroic patriots who believed in freedom for all freedom-loving people. Both were placed under house arrest toward the end of their lives for devoting themselves to the fight against fascist regimes. And, both were nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Now, Pinochet's family is carrying on his great legacy."

Looks like after we finish off Chavez the United States military might want to, once and for all, liberate Chile from the clutches of it's communist past.

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