Monday, November 10, 2008



Thousands upon thousands of gay homosexuals took to the streets in several violent protests against the final chapter in the saga of the legitimization of illegitimate marriages. On November 4th Values Voters in California, Arizona, and Florida all approved constitutional amendments in order to save the right of a man and a woman to marry. The amendments override activist State Supreme Court judges who literally bowed down to big gay interests.

The question as to weather or not there will be penalties for the all ready 18,000 or so same-sex marrieds since CA legalized gay marriage, and how severe those punishments should be, has yet to be asked.

West Hollywood, San Fransisco, and the Inland Empire aka "The 909" in California became ground zero as thousands blocked traffic and burned, among other things, candles at so called "vigils". Along with the protesters other flaming items included cars, trash cans, and American flags in effigy.


Before the election results were released.



Some activists are taking a page out of the Al Gore book of political chicanery by filing challenges in court in order to subvert democracy and Christian/Mormon values. Many of the irrational homosexuals are attacking the Mormon Church, an institution dedicated to the protection of normal marriage, by suggesting that some of their members should or should not choose to vote for pro-marriage initiatives as well as funneling approx. 20 million dollars across state lines to suggest that others do the same.

"Whatever argument they got is false," argues Values Voter Ron C. Franks of California, "God made man with a man-thing and woman with another things to put it into, not the other way around...or in the butt is what I'm saying. Gay marriage is a sin."

No fatalities have been reported as of yet, but if there are any you can be sure the liberal media will do their best to cover them up. Stay tuned to Prime Legitimate News as the bodies hit the floor.

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