Wednesday, November 12, 2008



Seeing the immense popularity of RED socialist ideology in today's hip hop political culture California's Former Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has decided to give California the far left viking funeral it's always wanted. By raising Ca's sales tax a full one and one entire half a percent he's sure to finish off what Brian Davis Jones of the CA Institute for Neutral Policy Research Center thinks Grey Davis started, "plunging the state headlong into psychotic & fiscal failure & insolvency."

The crackdown on prosperity will pump up the sales tax on amusement park admission, sporting events, golf, furniture, vehicles, as well as certain forms of adult entertainment.

A spokes person for the Schwarzenegger administration compared the tax hike to, "injecting anabolic steroids directly into the economy's ass cheeks." The governor's office claims that the increase will only last for three years presumably for as long as Barack Obama's term is expected to last.

CA's 11.2 Billion dollar Grey Davis induced deficit has the governor asking "Who Can't We Tax"? B. Davis Jones thinks the governor should focus on massive spending cuts like:

- Doing away with public education

- Ending all unemployment benefits, creating more incentives to work

- No more drinking fountains

Not like the Governor is listening to good advice anymore(i.e.: End of Days), but if he doesn't want to go down like another Grey Davis then he'd better start.

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