Tuesday, October 7, 2008




"Illegal immigrants swarm the streets stealing jobs, raping freedoms, and leaving a trail of tall-can Modelos in their economically destructive path. It's a known fact," observes Multi-Honorable Louise Vanz Walter Chair of True Americans Against Mexican Invasion.

PLN has taken a break from covering the Presidential race to focus on the most important Senate race of the 2008 election: California's 46th District Congressional race between Republican incumbent Honorable Dana Rohrabacher and former member of the Weather Underground(semi-verified) Debbie Cook.

While the liberal media is busy covering so called important stories about fluff like a couple of harmless bank mergers and Iraq's youthful democratic growing pains, Congressman Dana Rohrabacher is dealing with the most important issue of our day(today): Immigration. With plans to build a 700 mile fence along the US Mexico border if he has to do it himself, Rorahbacher is doing more to protect our values and keep our country safe then anybody who doesn't want to build a 700 mile fence along the U.S.-Mexico border.

His long shot opponent, illegitimate small town Mayor Debbie Cook, opposes keeping illegal immigrants out of our nation and actually SUPPORTS giving them free health care, low cost housing, and great deals on cars. See her endorsement of HR 676 which is yet another far left tax-grab that would go toward the countries most lazy sick people.

A recent mailing from the Rorahbacher campaign asks the question, "Which side of the Border Fence debate are you on?" A more fitting question according to Dale Ern Smith of the Values Security Commission on Human Rights is, "What side of the Border Fence should YOU be on?"


Cook posing with illegals.

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no joke, this is a major issue indeed