Tuesday, November 18, 2008



On Thursday, November 6th President-elect Barack Obama met privately with U.S. Intelligence officials at the FBI headquarters in Chicago. There Obama received his first Presidential Daily Brief written by the CIA, including critical overnight intelligence that President-elect Obama will use to build his defence strategy.

Also discussed at the meeting was the fact that any moment the President could be "dealt with" by representatives higher interests if he should deviate from the agendas of the CIA, FBI, NSA, FCC, and a host of other U.S. and non-U.S. governing bodies, some known, some unknown.

Obama was then given a slide show presentation of various foreign and domestic leaders who felt it their duty to serve public interest over the needs of the rapidly emerging "New World Order". Leaders like Jacobo Arbenz of Guatemala, Salvador Allende of Chile, and a handful of Kennedys.

Obama has been sworn to secrecy so as not to reveal the content of this private meeting, however PLN's exclusive source for this story noted that Obama seemed the most surprised when he learned that John Hinkley was a hand picked, brainwashed CIA/MK ULTRA assassin sent in to keep Ronald Regan "on message."

After the slide show Obama was dosed severely with Lysergic Acid Dyethylamide, placed into an isolation tank, and reprogrammed with an entirely new outlook on the origins of life and the directions in which it is headed.

A trembling spokesperson for the Obama transition team could only say, "It was a very...enlightening meeting."

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