Tuesday, February 26, 2008



One hundred percent of the Cuban population flooded the "streets" in order to celebrate the resignation and even more imminent death of American enemy Fidel Castro this week. Those hoping that the power shift would result in positive economic change had their hopes double-dashed as Raul C. Castro wrestled power away from the Cuban people once again with a promise to consult Fidel on all major decisions. A puppet Parliament approved the re-coup under threat of death and/or rape.

The world community at large shares the disappointment of the Cuban people and U.S. State Department. State Department spokesperson Andrew Balkovitch echoed that universal opinion stating, "I'm disappointed that this transition of power did not completely capsize Cuba's political system, plunging the country into uncontrollable chaos the likes of which could only be stopped by preemptive American invasion."

Now, the world waits to see what kind of leader Raul Castro will be. He was named President by Cuba's National Assembly which conducts most of their meetings and votes under pressure of firing squad. Many liken Raul Castro to an evil version of Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf whose teddy bear exterior conceals a fang-laden superbest ready to strike down freedom at the drop of a hat.

Most experts saw the leadership change coming as Castro's power has declined as steadily as his health ever since the blessed day he announced that he would cede power to his brother while undergoing intestine surgery, multiple blood changes, and a series of pancreas transplants.

Fellow blood-thirsty dictator with ties to Al Qaeda in Iran, Hugo Chavez of Peru, said the the change in Cuba was occurring, "without any type of trauma." A reference to the murderous throngs of Chavez supporters who have kept him in power ever since he unconstitutionally wrestled control of Venezuela away from democratically elected Pedro Carmona in 2002.

As for Castro he was quoted as saying, "My conscience was cleared, and I promised myself a vacation." Seems like just about everybody in Cuba's looking to escape.

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