Wednesday, November 21, 2007


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Looks like all the writers in Hollywood got together and penned a big, fat flopper-oo. Critics are already calling the Writers Guild of America strike, "The most pointless labor dispute in American history."

Writers are currently doing something that only comes naturally to lazy, "creative" types: refusing to work. Only this time, they're taking the rest of the entertainment industry down with them into slacker oblivion. As an excuse not to work, the writers are demanding that studios and producers pay them money that isn't even being made from DVD sales and so-called Internet downloads.

Many in the liberal media, who want the average hard working American to feel sorry for those who get paid to do something most people do for fun, would like you to believe that America will tailspin when TV shows start going off the air because of the writers strike. We at PLN beg to differ.

If you want a hint regarding the remainder of "Grey's Anatomy's" season, here it is: Everyone who hasn't f**ed yet, does. Anyone interested in FOX's "24" can simply tune into PLN everyday to watch how America really fights the War On Terror. If it's ABC's "Lost" you will miss, you can always watch the Democrats debate.

As for the new shows about to be black-holed into nothingness by the strike, who cares? FOX's "K-Ville" proved that Americans are tired of hearing about Hurricane Katrina, the idea of a superior female had people turning off NBC's "Bionic Woman", and the flopping of ABC's "Caveman" goes to show you what the average American citizen thinks of crazy "evolution fantasies".

Of course the best thing to come out of the writer's strike is the fact that toilet-fodder like "The Daily Show" and "Colbert Report" will be off the air during the elections. This means that the liberal elite won't be able to manipulate American politics through their two most popular mouth pieces.

The main thing going against writers is exactly what's been plaguing them ever since some smart-ass decided to put words on record. When you consider the fact that everything that's ever going to be written already has been, there's really not much point in paying someone to trod out the same old garbage. Add on to that the commonly shared opinion that writing isn't actually work, therefore not something one should be paid for.

As a remedy to the WGA strike PLN will be launching PLTV. Prime Legitimate TV will be an all non-union, mainstream television network to rival ABC, CBS, and FOX. PLTV will combine American production values with Telemundo-like efficiency on a budget that everyone can agree on, or they're fired.

Here's a sample of the new shows ONLY on PLTV:

"So You Think You're A Reality TV Star Who Can Also Dance?"

- Reality stars dance-off in a dance competition judged by other reality stars! More reality than real life!

Dogg: The Bounty Hunter (Second Chance Edition)

- 'Cause everyone except Alec Baldwin deserves a second chance.

Predator House: Raw

- 6 sex predators, one house. You be the judge!

Northern Exposure reruns!

- It's back!

Who Wants A New Face!?

- PLTV is practically GIVING away faces!

Ca-Ching! - The Game Show

- Contestants try to guess which bag has money in it.

PLTV in conjunction with PLN will also be hosting at least 16 more episodes of "The Presidential Debates". Considering the Writers Guild strike, however, Hillary will not be taking any questions from the audience.

Despite all attemps by those who would rather opt out of functional society, TV will be stronger than ever after the debut of PLTV!

Prime Legitimate TV
"The Way It Should Be"

Contact your local cable provider!

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A writer at work.

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